Monday, 3 April

Lying in my bed I hear the clock tick and think of you,

Caught up in circles confusion is nothing new,

flashbacks, warm nights, almost left behind, suitcase surrounds me, time after…


Dramatics? Yes I am proficient at them. Growing up on a steady diet of 80’s romantic movies  and novels I feel adept at this. Listening to Cyndi Lauper sing ‘Time After Time’ seems almost tame to how dramatic I can take things. But for me, if I can’t go a bit dram every once in a while, then whats the point. When it comes to the important stuff, i don’t get dramatic, I am realistic. So when I’m dealing with the frivolous I do think it’s important to be dramatic (for my personality). Me and Fraser just had an in-depth discussion about this tonight. Raccoons started it. I love raccoons. My first school project I can remember was about them and I love them. So to make me happy, Fras was showing me raccoon videos online, cuz he knows I love them. This lead us to dog videos and we got to discussing how desperately I want a puppy and therefore to discuss my dramatic/realistic personality. As desperately as I want a dog, I am realistic enough to realize that it’s not fair of me to own one. I don’t have the monetary freedom or the residential permanence to take a baby in yet. But damn, it’s hard. Luckily his mamma and pappa have the cutest pup, so I live vicariously through them and Pancho.


It’s hard to write on this blog now that I work and I’m comfortable in the kitchen. I’m still the main cook for the household, but now that I’m used to cooking for us it’s not as exciting. I don’t take the photos of the meals I used to and I also don’t have the alone time in the house to upload said pictures (and with australian internet, that is a commitment). So that leaves me with unlimited space to speak about myself and my experiences and that’s where my shyness kicks in.

But the best thing ever just happened, “My Heart Will Go On” by the one and only Celine Dion just came on my iTunes and that gives me something to discuss. Something my father especially will love… Around the age of ten (about a year after Titanic came out) I became obsessed with this song and the entire soundtrack and in my most favourite dress (a red wine coloured dress with tramslucent long sleeves and an embroidered bodice; an empire waist a-line that hit me just above the knee) I felt like a goddamn queen. I lip-synced this song for a video recorder that my father could barely contain his giggles to record.

Anyways, this just leads me to think about how great my childhood stories are versus my cooking talks. So, yes, I have made some awesome meals lately (especially thanks to Yvonne’s amazing cook book gift) but they just all seem boring compared to my dramatic iTunes ballads currently playing and the stories those songs seem to dredge up. Here are some pics to distract y’all:



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