Sunday, 5 June

I’ve been blog lazy. I know, and I’m blaming the weather. A thin excuse but one I’m sticking to. It’s Sunday morning here, the rain has finally stopped and the sun is out. Looking out from our back deck we can see the field on the other side of the highway. It looks like a lake. Fraser’s old neighbourhood of New Brighton was evacuated at midnight last night, as well as a number of other areas. Upwards of 360mm of rain has been said to have fallen since the storm moved in, with winds up to 100km/hr. Our landlord/neighbour, Martin, came over on Friday after we had returned from Fingal and told us there were cyclonic winds coming off the coast and they were expecting flooding. He said we should stay in and batten down the hatches (he may not have used that exact turn of phrase, but as a lifelong fan of the movie Twister, I’m going to pretend he did).

We had picked up tuna steaks in Byron on the way home from our little trip to marinating them in this amazing sauce recipe he found online. The main ingredients I remember were soy sauce and cayenne pepper (I’ll find the link and paste it on the bottom), and he just seared it on both sides. It was heaven. I am a big fan of the tuna here. I didn’t take a picture of this because Fraser doesn’t overly love my continuous clicking away, but I regret it now. So here he is being my personal shrimp pealer the other night.

I highly recommend him

So, backtracking to our day trip on Friday. Fingal Head did not disappoint. It’s lighthouse, built in 1878, is the smallest and cutest lighthouse I’ve ever seen. It only stands 7 meters high and is still operational. Looking out from the cliff you can see Cook Island, named after James Cook who charted it in 1770. The stretch between the land and the island is called the Giant’s Causeway named after the much larger version located in Ireland. A volcanic eruption causes this type of rock formation: interlocking basalt columns according to Wikipedia. It’s very beautiful and people often walk out during low-tide. It definitely wasn’t low-tide when we were there. The water was quite rough, probably due to the incoming storm, but two young surfers walked down onto the columns and then jumped into the ocean to try to get some better waves. The town of Fingal is very small, just over 500 people reside there, but the coast is incredibly beautiful and it was a perfect little day trip before our weekend shut-in.

The rain started that evening and it ended up waking both of us at around 2am. Woke up in the morning and it was still going, although it was just warming up. Around 10am we made our move and drove to Supa IGA (no joke, that’s the name) to stock up on supplies for the weekend. I had read this crazy recipe on the internet the other week and I knew it had to be attempted. What recipe you ask? Black Bean Brownies. No, this is not a joke. They’re a thing, like, a BIG thing. And chocolate covered Katie apparently does them the best. There’s no flour, egg or butter in them. It’s black beans, maple syrup, cocoa, chocolate chips, coconut oil (or vegetable oil), vanilla extract, quick cooking oats, salt and baking powder. And HOLY, they’re so good. Obviously the beans are blended down to a paste, but you’d have no idea they weren’t a traditional type of brownie. You can’t taste the beans at all. And Fraser (the not chocolate lover in the relationship) liked them. He thought they were really good and ate his half of them (unfortunately).

At this point in the day the weather really started to pick up. Talking to my parents on facetime, I had to leave the living room and move into the kitchen because I could barely hear them over the wind and rain. The rain drops were being blown horizontally at our sliding glass doors and we lost power around 9:30 last night, right in the middle of Terminator 2. This was very upsetting for me as it’s my first time watching the Terminator movies and I’m really into them. Power came back on a surprisingly short amount of time later and we were able to see the end – John and Sarah Connor lived, phew!

Woke up to a pretty calm and sunny day and Fraser brought me coffee and a black bean brownie in bed, so I felt that my blog laziness should come to an end. And finally, here are the links:

Tuna marinade:


If you want to read about our storm:


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