Thursday, 2 June

Woke up to heavy rain this morning. It’s only the third time we’ve had rain since I’ve been here. A sprinkling last week and then some last night starting around dusk. Normally I would have loved waking up to the sound of rain on our metal roof, but we had plans this morning, and the weather was messing with them.

Today was our brunch at the Farm and I’d been looking forward to it all week. Other than grabbing some quick sushi in Mullumbimby yesterday, we haven’t eaten out at all. So when Fraser asked me at 8:30 this morning if we should go another day, I was a bit put out with Mother Nature. The restaurant is covered, but still outside. My solution was to wait until 9:30 and see if it was still raining and then reassess. This would allow for my brain to wake up and reach its usual level of thought processing. Though 26, I still have the teenager morning grogginess which everyone finds so charming…it’s charming, right?

Amazingly enough, not only had the rain stopped by 9, but by 9:30 the sun had even made an appearance! I threw on my mom’s old navy blue Ralph Lauren maxi dress and touched up yesterdays makeup (that I’d forgotten to remove last night, oops). Now it looked like I’d made a significant effort on my appearance at 9:30am, yay, and we were out the door and at the restaurant in the space of 20 minutes.

Got a seat right away and ordered some black coffees. I had meant to order it with milk, but in the blur of trying to say I just wanted a regular coffee and not a latte, I ordered a long black. I’m not joking about my morning mental state, it’s subpar. This ended up being a fun experience since the coffee came on little trays with sparkling water, something I’ve never see before. When I did some research there were a couple of explanations. The main reason sparkling or still water is served with espresso is as a palate cleanser to enhance the flavour of the coffee. Another explanation which I liked was that in Viennese coffee houses, patrons often stay for lengthy periods of time, to socialize or read the paper etc. These people will often switch from coffee to another drink, possibly wine, at some point and the water is a palate cleanser for when such a change occurs. This just sounded much more romantic to me, but I’m pretty sure in my case, at the Farm, it was a pre-espresso cleanser.

fancy espresso and sparkling water

Fraser is oddly like my friend Leah when it comes to ordering food at restaurants. It bothers them both if I end up ordering the same thing as them and I find that they share this quirk very amusing. I personally don’t care a whit about this kind of thing, but today when Fras told me what he was getting, something I had missed on the menu, I decided I wouldn’t change my order and “copy” him for once. Gold star for me please.

He grabbed the breakfast burger. This was a pork patty with bacon, a fried egg and veggies on it. I weaseled my way into getting a bite, and it tasted as good as it sounds. For myself, I landed on the avocado, stracchino and poached eggs with macadamia nut crumbs and chilli sourdough. Everything is fresh and either grown or made on site and you can tell. We will definitely be going there for dinner one night. We had also ordered a side of sourdough with jam and butter to split, not realizing quite how big this would be. Two huge slabs of chewy sourdough along with very healthy amounts of fresh butter and jam ended up being quite the treat and I thought about how much my dad would enjoy this with a cup of tea. His British ancestry definitely comes out around toast and it’s accoutrements and I know he would have enjoyed this side greatly. After breakfast I dragged Fraser for one more look at the pigs, who despite the cooler weather were still passed out as if we were in a heat wave, and then we returned home.


The other day I went for a run on the beach while Fraser was at school and found some fun stuff along the way. Considering the heavy surf, I am always surprised when delicate sea shells wash up and they are perfectly intact.

But, a most fascinating thing you find on the beach here are these perfect little balls of sand. And they’re everywhere. Fraser told me that they are made by crabs. Well, this was not enough information for me. I had to know why they were making them, how they were making them, I needed a video of them doing it, etc., etc. So here’s what is happening (but here’s a picture of this business first):

These crabs are actually called Sand bubbler crabs… appropriate. The hole in the middle is their burrow. When the tide is out these crabs leave their homes and get to work. They hunt through the sand for meiofauna – basically small invertebrates – which they eat and the balls are the result of their filtering. When the tide comes back in they sidestep on home and all their little sand bubbles get washed away and new meiofauna is delivered. Go watch this video on youtube to see this in action, it is amazing and hilarious:





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