Friday, 3 June

It was brought to my attention that I did not include any pig photos in yesterday’s post. I do not know how this happened, but it was a terrible mistake and I plan on fixing that immediately.


After digesting for a number of hours I hit the beach for run. The tide was very far in making the sand I was running on very soft. I believe this was some instant karma for all that sourdough I’d enjoyed earlier. The beach was very stormy, with a dark cloud threatening rain at any moment. Luckily it held off until I was back in the car.

When I got home, me and Fraser tried to think of something to make for dinner. I was thinking fish and salad and we’d pretty much agreed until I opened my mouth and mentioned that I’d seen a good recipe for fresh Vietnamese spring rolls, or gỏi cuốn. Now back when we lived in Vietnam, Madame Yen used to come once a week and do some cleaning and cooking for us. Not only is she one of the best people I’ve ever met, but that woman introduced me to the Vietnamese spring roll. She even taught me how to cook the fried ones using chopsticks. She is amazing. Now finding good gỏi cuốn itself is not difficult. The tricky thing is having good peanut sauce. Well, blame my run (which I am) or exhausting my mind, but for some reason I was not consumed with worry about having a good peanut sauce. I should have been. Doing these rolls is very easy and fun. The sauces I made with them were not. The recipe I was working off of had two sauces to be served with the rolls. One was similar to the traditional sauce you get with a fried roll. You know the one, it’s very light and clear, with garlic and chilli flakes in it. That one was alright and we used it, although it would have been better with a fried roll. The second one was simply hoisin sauce with chopped peanuts on top. This was also alright, but I knew we needed a peanut sauce. I found a recipe that looked good and we had most of the ingredients. Well this was a disaster. It got taste tested by both of us once (with a finger) and then promptly thrown out. So now the hunt is on for a good peanut recipe. Other than that the rolls were just like you’d get at a Vietnamese restaurant.

Our rolls were filled with vermicelli noodles, lettuce, chopped cilantro, mint and basil, and halved prawns. You wet the rice paper in warm water briefly before piling in the prepped fillers and then wrapping up before it starts to get too sticky.

We’re now off on a little trip to Fingal Head. I read about this little town on the internet and it’s only 45 minutes from us. So we’re off to explore and maybe grab some lunch. Pictures to come later!


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