Saturday, 21 May

Saturday was a lazy day for us. We cancelled our big plan of going to the movies in Tweed Heads, which meant I needed a project. My mom had told me about this Peruvian chicken she had made and I had got her to send me the recipe. The recipe called for a whole chicken, so I dragged Fraser to the store to collect the ingredients…and a bottle of Shiraz.

This chicken needed to be spatchcocked. If you don’t know what spatchcocking is (as I did not), it involves cutting out the spine and then breaking the breast and rib bones. The point of this butchery? It allows the whole chicken to be roasted in the oven and cook evenly and faster. This same thing can be done to turkeys to cut down on cooking time, as well as increase space in your oven for other dishes.

So, the spatchcocking began!

spine removal was done with kitchen scissors

Then, after rubbing the chicken down with two lemon wedges, I spread my spice mixture of paprika, oregano, cumin, salt & pepper, lemon juice and olive oil, under and on top of the skin.

You then cook the chicken for around an hour, applying remaining spice paste and basting with pan juices every 15-20 minutes.


The chicken was served with a green sauce composed of mayonnaise, cilantro, jalapeno, olive oil, garlic, lime juice and salt, all blended together.

A salad of cucumber, avocado, cilantro, scallions, lime juice, olive oil and salt added to the greenness of the meal and I found delicious. Turned out Fraser is not a big fan of most of those ingredients so he opted out of that one. This was fine by me as I ended up eating half of it with dinner and then went and finished the remainder as dessert.

Overall the dinner was a fun Saturday cooking event and a very delicious meal. The leftovers were eaten cold with sauce, as well as thrown into a breakfast wrap.


If you want to do this meal, here’s the link to the recipe:



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