Thursday, 19 May (Part 2)

Couple more pictures of the house taken from the sun room.

On the weekend we went to the fish market close by and picked up a bunch of fresh seafood. Oysters, scallops, squid and tuna steaks. It was a decadent meal that we enjoyed with some margaritas.

Yesterday was Fraser’s birthday and we celebrated with fancy pizza, cake and prosecco. The pizza was ordered takeaway from Milk and Honey, a little restaurant in neighbouring Mullumbimby. Holy this pizza is good! Cooked in a wood-burning brick oven, it’s thin and the crust is chewy and it’s amazing.

the pizzas!


Today around noon I was sitting in bed tapping away at this when Fraser called me into the other room. He’d spotted a Blue-bellied Black snake sunning itself on one of stepping-stones in our yard. It was relatively small but they are venomous snakes. We watched it for a bit, but it did not enjoy our presence and it went back into the bushes after a bit – not before I got a picture though.

Blue-bellied Black snake

This did not scare me the way the harmless Huntsman spider did. It is not rational, but spiders of that size give me the willies. I’m thinking it’s due to the number of legs they possess since the legless reptile only piqued my curiosity.

the “house spider” from my second day. Their name, Hunstman, comes from the fact that they actively hunt their prey instead of trapping it with webs. They commonly eat cockroaches (this should give you an idea of how big they actually are). 

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