First post

So I’m going to start off simple with some pictures and info of where we’re living. We’re living in the Byron Shire of New South Wales, in the locality of Ewingsdale – to read more about the area, see wikipedia:


View of our front door from the living room/sun room (above)

Full view of living room and backyard deck (below)


Our house is attached to another, similar to a duplex but very separate at the same time. They connect more on kitty corner than by a big main wall. It’s a three bedroom house with one bathroom, kitchen and living room. Fraser’s friend Chris is renting the upstairs room in the house to store his belongings as he is away in Paris with his wife.

One of the neighbours has a small flock of chickens that use the space underneath our house to come into our backyard and poop. This does not impress Fraser. However, as I have only been here for 24 hours and am coming from city living, I am very charmed and have been chasing them around constantly trying to take pictures. IMG_0151.JPG



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